Help for Clinicians Working with Teens Dealing with Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

We know this is difficult for you, and that you have questions.
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Teen and Family Services is a research-based program designed to meet the social, emotional, family system, educational and behavioral health needs of adolescents struggling with substance use and other high-risk behaviors. We are a community based recovery service that integrates recovery and life skills with pro-social and family systems programs.

Services include individual and family counseling, group support, pro-social activities, academic support, and adventure learning activities. Our groups utilize an evidence-based curriculum that focuses on life skills to support healthy decision making, feelings identification and expression and social skills.

We frequently team up with clinicians treating primary mental health issues to provide behavioral health support for clients engaged in therapy. We also work with residential and intensive outpatient programs to support comprehensive aftercare planning, significantly improving post treatment outcomes.

Through our partnerships with University of Texas, Baylor College of Medicine, and The Association of Recovery Schools, we have established independent, peer reviewed research that endorses the effectiveness of the TAFS model.

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Teen and Family Services is a community of families growing and healing from the effects of teen mental health crisis, substance use and other high-risk behaviors.