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Help a teen suffering from substance abuse by donating toward a white water rafting wilderness trip this summer!

Summer is almost here, and with it our students at Teen and Family Services (TAFS) are presented with unique challenge. Remaining sober when new to recovery is difficult in the crazy hazy days of summer.  There is too much free time combined with a lack of supervision as a result of working parents, it can be very difficult to stay on the road to recovery.  For the last seventeen years, TAFS has provided an opportunity for our students to spend seven summer days rafting, hiking and finding fellowship with their peers.  All of this allows them to develop new skills and draw on the support of other recovering teens.

The experience gives them a real shot toward recovery, as they make new friends, let their phone batteries die and focus on their spiritual growth.

Last summer TAFS sent 32 teens on the trip, many from low income areas such as Sunnyside, Kashmere Gardens and South Park. TAFS is committed to providing the same recovery experience to all our students no matter what zip code they live in!

Today we are reaching out to you to ask for your help in raising funds to offset the cost of a wilderness trip for 25 TAFS students to camp and white water raft the Arkansas River later this summer (DATES ARE STILL TO BE DETERMINED). TAFS has a sliding scale that is used to determine tuition for our teens.  Many of our current students are from lower income families that will need full scholarships in order to allow their children to attend the wilderness trip.

The cost per student is $1,200 which covers transportation, lodging, gear, food, guides and the salaries of the TAFS program staff who supervise and lead the activities. That comes to a total of $30,000 that we need to raise to help offest the costs of supplies, and food in the wilderness.

Please give today to help TAFS and our incredible teens better navigate their journey of recovery today and for the rest of their lives.

Donate today and help save a life!


George Youngblood, LCDC, ADCIII, NCACI
Executive Director, CEO
Teen & Family Services

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