Tonja L. Carr, LCDC, CCTP



Tonja L. Carr is an LCDC, CCTP and a person in long term recovery. Tonja began working with people and families who struggle with substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders because of her own experiences with being kidnapped in addictions for many years. Today, she has a different design for living in recovery.  Tonja has been working in the field of mental health and addictions for multiple years. Throughout that time, Tonja has worked with adults, young adults, and youth. But her passion is working with adolescents and families. Tonja has experience in residential care, supportive residential, and in the criminal justice system. She was the Supervisor of inpatient programs for Cenikor and has experience working with a Therapeutic Community. Tonja has come full circle and is now giving back to Teen and Family Services the many blessings and gifts she received. Tonja’s dedication and passion for adolescents and families have impacted hundreds of lives, families, and communities.

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