Successful Solutions and Support for Teen Substance Abuse

Facing adolescent substance abuse is a challenging and difficult time for families and teens. Our program is designed to provide a clear path and professional assistance so that you and your child can proactively address the issues and find the solutions you are seeking. We are a peer based recovery program, created specifically for teens and families that includes the following:

  • Parent education
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Group meetings
  • Retreats
  • Supervised after school and weekend social activities
  • Academic support if needed

Our experienced staff and clinical team have helped thousands of teens and their families face substance abuse issues and develop the skills needed to live rewarding and successful lives. You can read more about our program or call 713-464-3950 to discuss your situation with a Teen and Family Services representative.

We are here to help you find the hope and support to proactively change the future of your family for the better.

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Our Stories

"Teen And Family Services is an amazing program. The peer group influences the kids in a positive way that the parents can't. It has kept our family together. "
--Connie – TAFS Parent
"My sobriety date is January 22, 2012. One of the reasons why I feel like I have been able to stay sober this long, is because of the TAFS summer trip. I gained new tools to grow as a young person in recovery. TAFS is an experience that I can never recreate or replace. It has taught me that I could have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol, and that I could gain fellowship with real friends. The amount of gratitude is unmeasurable, and it has surely change the course of my life."
--Andrew – TAFS Graduate
"Teen And Family Services has allowed our teen to separate from his addiction. We had been in therapy for a few months prior to TAFS without any benefit. Our teen is now six months drug free and we wish we had learned about this program sooner. "
--Thanks, Kyle – TAFS Parent

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