Alternative Peer Group

Teen and Family Services incorporates the Alternative Peer Group Model (APG). The APG provides a positive social environment and a new peer group focusing on attitudes and behaviors conducive to growth and change. The alternative peer group provides the following benefits: 

  • After school hangouts
  • Weekend social activities
  • A group of youth who can relate to each other and discuss common challenges 
  • Encouragement from peers to make positive choices
  • A safe and sober environment
  • Recovery-oriented social activities
  • Ability to meet new lifelong friends
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Individual, Family and Group Counseling

Our counseling services are provided by licensed professionals. Our approach is practical and goal-oriented. We focus on improving family communication, teaching skills to support a life of fulfillment and success for our students, and providing parents with tools to more effectively support their teen.

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Parent Program

Parents participate alongside their teens in weekly family and parent group meetings where their fellowship is focused on self-care and mutual support. In our parent group meetings, struggling parents gain insight, find answers on day-to-day challenges, learn how to set boundaries, and how best to support their teen in recovery.

Our program works because the entire family actively participates. This is why our success rate is higher than other similar programs.

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Twelve Steps

Our program borrows from the traditional Twelve Step model. These Steps are tailored to meet the developmental needs of adolescents by focusing on peer relationships as the catalyst for change. Our Twelve Step model includes many different activities and benefits for teens, including: 

  • Talking to peers who are going through the same thing
  • Hearing how others deal with challenges in their recovery
  • Listening to success stories
  • Listening to the consequences of addiction
  • Achieving goals to feel the success of the recovery 
  • Celebrating success in overcoming addiction 
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Life Skills

Our life skills curriculum provides teens with a new set of tools to overcome the obstacles they face on a daily basis. Teens have the opportunity to witness and practice these new skills during our group meetings, social activities and Outward Bound style nature retreats.

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After School Program

Throughout the week, teens have access to our youth center designed to offer a safe, healthy alternative to harmful environments. A variety of recreational activities are available at each center. The students have the ability to form supportive relationships with one another and embrace the meaning of enthusiastic sobriety. Contact one of our locations to learn more. ‍

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Spiritual Emphasis

We encourage each individual to pursue his or her own spiritual development. Principles such as service, faith, honesty and self-examination are integrated into the program.

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Tuesday Night Meetings

Teen and Family Services offers meetings for both teens and parents. If you are a parent seeing changes in your teen, come to our Tuesday Night Meeting held at 7:30 p.m. at our  Houston-Memorial Campus and The Woodlands Campus. 

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Sober Summer

Teens in early recovery are especially high risk for relapse during the summer months. Teens need structure and a place to grow and strengthen their commitment to recovery. Teen and Family Services provides a positive place to hang out at each of our locations from 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

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Summer Adventure Trip to Colorado

We blend the best of the outdoors with an effective and proven process. Your adolescent will experience the highest standards of safety and therapy and this powerful setting creates real change in teens. It improves adolescents’ self-esteem, self-concept, self-efficacy, self-perception, problem-solving ability, behavioral and cognitive development, and attitude. 

Combining the power of the outdoor experience with TAFS cutting-edge program we can help teens find their way forward and help families heal.

TAFS Annual Adventure Trip will backpack the Continental Divide along the Collegiate Peaks on the Colorado mountains.

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